Your life isn’t just random events tossed at you
It’s a beautifully orchestrated ballet –
lead by your heart

Finally get what you want most in life

The guy in the next cubicle got the promotion you’ve worked so hard for and know you deserved. Your two best friends are going out tonight – while you crash at home alone because you don’t have the energy to keep up with them. Or you and the guys go out to dinner and they’re buying rounds for everyone, with cash, and all you can think of is how you wish you had that luxury. It seems like everyone around you is happy and has the things they want from life. It’s depressing because you can’t catch a break. You feel so lost and want desperately to find the happiness they have.

You can!

With The Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Course from Cindy Paine. Cindy has 25 years experience with helping people get what they want most from life. Her Clear, Connect, Create formula has helped thousands of people break out of their ruts to open up and receive the things that the Universe has to offer.

    By Taking the Manifest Your Heart’s Desires Course, You’ll:

  • Get rid of the blocks standing in your way so you can get that promotion, get that girl, or just find the happiness you’re looking for.
  • Create from a clear state so you can receive the gifts of the Universe without the pull of the negativity you once held onto.
  • End limited thinking so you can finally open up to your possibilities.
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Manifest Your Heart's Desire Program by Cindy Paine
30 days

Try the Program For A Full 30 Days. Guarantee: I am so sure you will be pleased with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Program, the Study Guide, The Tool Kit, and your results! ~ Cindy Paine


Cindy is an eerily insightful coach, an empathetic mentor and inspirational retreat leader. Her deep research, training and own life experience enables her to add value for groups and individuals, whether the need is to help solve the thorniest business and people issues, provide guidance through life or career changes, or to teach the more metaphysical aspects of achieving goals. She is flexible, fun to deal with and her rates are reasonable, although maybe not for long since she is in the process of writing a bestselling book. I’m delighted to recommend her. ~Nancy Olive

Cindy Paine has made a profound impact on my life as well as my leadership. Her “clear, connect, create” model is useful in almost any situation. If you are looking for someone who can keep you focused in the right direction, support your vision, and help you achieve your goals while remaining personally balanced and healthy, Cindy is your coach. ~K. Sloan, CEO


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The Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Program

Available exclusively on this site, The Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training course is a multimedia program offering the Clear-Connect-Create Method for manifestation. By purchasing this course today, you will receive:

The Course

  • A complete collection of nine audio recordings, totaling more than four hours of instruction for you to work at your own pace.
  • The guidance and support of Cindy Paine, coaching you through the Nine Steps to Breakthrough, clearing what needs to be cleared, in order for you to become a Master Manifester!
  • The full experience of this course. What that means is… this course is experiential; on occasion you will be encouraged to stop the recording and meditate on a concept, imagine and visualize; making this course tailored for your home use.

The Study Guide

  • An interactive guide (more than 30 pages in length) you download to help you manage some of the steps and guide you on your manifestation journey.
  • Writing and journaling exercises to help you get to the core of your manifestation blocks.

The Manifestation Tool Kits

  • Separated from the Course for ease of use, you will listen and reference these powerful Tools and Techniques again and again for ALL that you want to create in your life!
  • Included here are the Guided Visualizations, Meditations, and Rituals to help you on your way to manifestation!

Order The Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Program Today!
Normally, the cost for one of Cindy Paine’s weekend retreats with the Clear-Connect-Create Method is approximately $1,500. For the first time, it is now available as 17 easy to download audio sessions (approximately four hours of instruction and three hours of the Manifestation Tool Kit) which you can do in the convenience of your home, in the time you have available. This price also includes the downloadable study guide to assist you in getting the maximum benefit out of your investment.

Manifest Your Heart's Desire Program by Cindy Paine
30 days

Try the Program For A Full 30 Days. Guarantee: I am so sure you will be pleased with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Program, the Study Guide, The Tool Kit, and your results! ~ Cindy Paine


Cindy is one of the most thoughtful, creative and genuinely professional person I have had the pleasure to work with. She is a great listener and a wonderful problem solver. I highly recommend anyone who works with Cindy, that she will create an answer to your problems.~Greg Underwood


About The Nine Steps to Breakthrough

Each audio download in the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program focuses on a specific step on the Journey.

  • Step 1 - CLEAR - What Do You Want to Create?
  • Step 2 - CLEAR - Integrity
  • Step 3 - CLEAR - Clear the Root of Stuck Patterns
  • Step 4 - CONNECT - Connect with Earth
  • Step 5 - CONNECT - Connect with Self
  • Step 6 - CONNECT - Connect with Spirit
  • Step 7 - CREATE - Creating is Sacred
  • Step 8 - CREATE - Preparing to Create
  • Step 9 - CREATE - Remember How Powerful You Are!

Step 1
What do you want to create?

As with every journey, we need to know where we are going. Here I will explain the Clear-Connect-Create Method in more detail.

  • Discover for yourself, Your Truest Heart’s Desire.
  • The foundation of this journey is your intention – like an arrow aimed at the center of a target, where you put your intention is what you will create.


Step 2

Discover what integrity is and how it impacts the manifestation process.

  • There is power in your word. Your word is your law.
  • Having integrity with your word in all areas of your life is a cornerstone of creating the life you desire.
  • Establishing integrity in the area of life you want to manifest, will begin the clearing process.


Step 3
Clear the Root of Stuck Patterns

Wherever you feel stuck in your life; where there is a pattern or a recurrence of distress and/or disenchantment; there is wounding there that needs to be cleared… there is a story.

  • What’s your story? In this download we will begin to look at what needs to be cleared out of your history for you to create in that area.
  • Disappointment and loss can block you from creating.
  • You will receive a powerful exercise and meditation to release these blocks.


Step 4
Connect with Earth

Discover why it is important to be in alignment with the physical to get in the “flow”.

  • You will discover how to ground yourself, “in your body”.
  • You will connect with the power of the Earth.
  • You will practice nature meditations, mindfulness, and breathing exercises.


Step 5
Connect with Self

The best way to fulfill our destiny is to connect with the truth of who we are!

  • In this segment you will discover the magnificence of YOU!
  • Explore practical experiences you can add to everyday life which will keep you conscious, centered, and focused.
  • Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices you can add to your daily life.


Step 6
Connect with Spirit

Energy, Force, Spirit, God, Universe… is present everywhere and within us! Begin to use the Force from within!

  • Build, maintain, and become responsible for your own Energetic Container.
  • Learn to use Energy Shields.
  • Meet your Celestial Team and use Spirit to support your manifestation.


Step 7
Creating is Sacred

Learn why creating is a sacred act and how to become a Co-Creator in your life!

  • You will discover how to craft affirmations.
  • You will learn the power of your Word.
  • You will see why “I AM” is the most powerful statement in the Universe.


Step 8
Preparing to Create

Just like we prepare the soil before planting the seeds in a garden, we need to prepare ourselves for our creation.

  • You will learn how to create a void in your life; the Universe abhors a void!
  • When you place your order with the Universe, you get very specific about what you want.
  • You will write your vision in detail and learn the value of feeling it!


Step 9
Remember How Powerful You Are!

As a co-creator in the Divine Plan for your life you are ready to go forth and create!

  • In this experiential guided visualization we will anchor the vision you created for your life.
  • Sit in the director’s chair and experience your vision before your eyes!
  • Use this powerful visioning technique until Your Heart’s Desire Manifests!


Order The Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Program Today!

Manifest Your Heart's Desire Program by Cindy Paine
30 days

Try the Program For A Full 30 Days. Guarantee: I am so sure you will be pleased with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Program, the Study Guide, The Tool Kit, and your results! ~ Cindy Paine

The Program includes the Manifestation Tool Kits

Some of the Tools and Techniques you will experience with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program include:

Clear Tool Kit

  • Tool 1 - CLEAR - Grounding Technique
  • Tool 2 - CLEAR - Releasing Technique
  • Tool 3 - CLEAR - Shamanic Burning Ritual
Connect-Create Tool Kit

  • Tool 4 - CONNECT - Connecting with Earth
  • Tool 5 - CONNECT - Energetic Container
  • Tool 6 - CONNECT - Energy Shields
  • Tool 7 - CONNECT - Connecting with Spirit
  • Tool 8 - CREATE - Being the Director of Your Own Life

Tool 1
Grounding Technique

This guided visualization will help you get present and grounded in your physical body effortlessly!

  • Get instant healing and feel reenergized by Mother Earth.
  • You will feel clear and connected with Source after doing this technique.
  • We create from a place of groundedness and connection!

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Tool 2
Releasing Tool

This meditation will help you release stuck patterns, beliefs and fears.

  • By letting go of that which no longer serves, you can make room for your heart’s desire.
  • Using chakra color healing we will energetically break up that which you wish to release.
  • This technique is a cornerstone of the clearing process which can be used in all areas of your life.

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Tool 3
Shamanic Burning Ritual

Here I will introduce a very powerful Peruvian ritual which is a tool we will use for clearing.

  • The Four Directions and animal symbols are explained.
  • Call on the power of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit for support.
  • Your intention is the power behind this ritual!

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Tool 4
Connecting with Earth

This guided visualization will help you experience that sacred connection to Mother Earth.

  • Manifesting requires focused intention.
  • Being connected to Earth allows you to be more aligned, present and centered.
  • Discover ways to use walking meditations, trees and other features of nature to connect.

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Tool 5
Energetic Container

This tool will teach you to become aware of your own energy and the energy you are attracting.

  • Included here are daily practices to strengthen your Energetic Container.
  • We will learn to expand your Energetic Container.
  • Become your own Abundance Magnet!

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Tool 6
Energy Shields

Learn why utilizing energy shields daily are an important part of manifesting.

  • Energy shields are a way to contain your energy and protect you from unwanted energy.
  • This visualization is a simple way to stay clear and connected.
  • Increase your positive force and light for those around you!

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Tool 7
Connecting with Spirit

This guided visualization will connect you with Source!

  • You will experience your highest Self, meet your Guides and experience the power of the Violet Flame.
  • Transform and transmute any energy not in alignment with your creation.
  • Discover who you REALLY are!

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Tool 8
Being the Director of Your Own Life

In this guided visualization you will be the Director and Star of your own movie, your life!

  • See, feel, and experience your manifestation.
  • We will travel to the Manifesting Temple where all your dreams come true!
  • Experience yourself as the true co-creator of your life! And so it is!

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Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in the possibilities? If you can see it, you can achieve it… now SEIZE it! Make the decision that you are worth the investment, the time and the effort. This program can change the trajectory of your life and the way you approach each and every new creation. If you are ready to change your life, I am ready to assist. Become the Master Manifester, the Co-Creator of your Universe you were designed to be!

Order The Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Program Today!

Manifest Your Heart's Desire Program by Cindy Paine
30 days

Try the Program For A Full 30 Days. Guarantee: I am so sure you will be pleased with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Program, the Study Guide, The Tool Kit, and your results! ~ Cindy Paine

The Yes Buts...

Maybe, after reading through the details of the course, you see yourself as REALLY needing this assistance to help you manifest and begin to change your life, but you still have some “yes, buts”:

  1. Yes, but… I don’t even have the time to work on myself.
    You can take as much time as you want and need, and use these tools over and over through the course of your lifetime, whenever you are ready to manifest something new!
  2. Yes, but… I’ve done a lot of reading and know this stuff already.
    I, too, am a seeker and have been studying manifestation techniques for many years. The Clear-Connect-Create Method incorporates some of the Law of Attraction information that may be found in other works, but the unique aspect of this program is the Clearing and Connecting. The Clearing exercises found in this program go down deep to clear blocks that may be in the way of your manifestation. The Connect really prepares you and lays the foundation for your manifestation, and has you access your power!
  3. Yes, but… I don’t feel I am worth the investment.
    I think some clearing might be needed around how you value yourself. You are probably the type of person who gives to everyone else and puts yourself last. This Course is a wonderful gift to change the trajectory of your life in order to transform your future. You are worth it!
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I am a transformational life coach.

In my practice I work as a facilitator to help my clients manifest their desires and visions in all areas of their lives. Together we clear anything in the way of you creating and achieving your goals for your relationships; career; for your health and wellness; and your abundance. For the first time ever I have transformed the framework of my coaching practice into this online home study course. Now you can have the wisdom of my experience, my tools and techniques, and a downloaded study guide so you too can become a Master Manifester!

Through the many modalities I have studied over the years, ranging from behavioral psychology to Peruvian Shamanism, I have come up with my own system for manifestation. I have been working with individuals, couples, and groups to help them Manifest their Heart’s Desire for the last 25 years and it is through working with these clients that I created and perfected the Clear-Connect-Create Method.


Frequently Asked Questions: Cindy responds!

Q. I’ve done the Secret and bought a bunch of other Law of Attraction books and programs without success. What makes this one so special?

Clearing is the Key!

A. Millions have heard of, and experienced The Secret, the film and book detailing the Law of Attraction. There are thousands of other books written about creating prosperity and the life you want, notably, "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles, "The Master Key System" by Charles Haanel, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The most powerful law in the Universe, this law states that all forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration, or, simply stated, “like attracts like.” To further explain, your thoughts create your reality, so, in effect, you are a living magnet. You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted. The Law of Attraction, itself, is neutral. By living your life according to this law you can create intentionally and effortlessly, a joyful life, and have all the wonders in the universe that are available to you - happiness, love, health and prosperity.

What I have experienced.

A. I have been teaching abundance techniques and personally working with the principles outlined in The Secret, and other books, for several decades now. I have diligently visualized, set my intention, recited affirmations, watched and adjusted my negative thinking and created vision boards. These are techniques that I have used in my practice, and in some cases they absolutely work. Other times, I have felt frustrated by the Universe’s apparent lack of response. What is the difference? If I’m using the same techniques with the same fervency, why is the result of my efforts inconsistent? And why does it seem that the things I have focused on and wanted to manifest the most, seem to be the areas that I see the least amount of change? In working through this myself, and with hundreds of clients, I have found there is a missing component that the law of abundance fails to address, CLEARING.

Q. How do blocks occur?
A. Let’s discuss energy. The universe is made up of energy. All matter, your own body, your thoughts and emotions are vibrating at different rates of speed. When you experience trauma, like being fired from a job, for example, that energy stops flowing. How you react to this dramatic event will determine whether the energy will get stuck or keep flowing for you.

  1. Physical response - heart pounding, stomach dropping, palms sweating
  2. Mental response - panic, “What am I going to do? How am I going to pay my bills?”
  3. Emotional response - depression, shut down, feel worthless, feel like a failure

A. Some may never express their feelings, may never cry, or get angry. Feelings and emotions when not thoroughly expressed become stuck. This creates a block in the flow of energy, it can become like a wound deep within the energy field. That wound sends a signal out and attracts more of the same.

A. We all have blockage in our energetic fields from the past and in all areas of our lives; health, relationships, money, career. The question is… To what degree is it preventing you from manifesting you desire?
In the work that I do with people, I have found that it is powerful, and absolutely necessary, to take an inventory of how you are feeling about that particular desire or thing you want to create. Feel if you have some issues around it.

Q. Can’t I create without clearing?
A. Sure you can, we are creating all the time. But when you have blocks it is much more difficult to manifest what our heart desires. When we are creating something important in our life, something that will shape the quality and trajectory of our life, this is an important step and we want success. Doing the work needed in this area, can affect the results we achieve.

Q. How can I get rid of the blocks?
A. To continue our example of wanting to create our dream job, you realize you have a block in the area of career. That can show up as: you were recently let go; you have never quite been able to achieve the level of success you desired; you feel stuck in this area; you have negative feelings or fears in this area. From my perspective, these fears, beliefs, old experiences, traumas or memories, need to be acknowledged and released. When that is done properly, there is room to create. Clearing is getting to the root of the original experience, and if possible, actually re-experiencing the experience. Clearing is allowing the expression of those emotions through a variety of techniques designed to break apart that wound so that signal at that wounded frequency is no longer going out into the universe and attracting more of the same. When you clear that out and you put in there a new signal of choosing confidence, peace, and self-love, then that signal goes out and attracts more of the same and the transformation is complete!

Order The Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Program Today!

Manifest Your Heart's Desire Program by Cindy Paine
30 days

Try the Program For A Full 30 Days. Guarantee: I am so sure you will be pleased with the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire Home Training Program I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Program, the Study Guide, The Tool Kit, and your results! ~ Cindy Paine

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